Thursday, April 15, 2010

All City Chess Club

Lupe has announced on his Twitter that he's to release a remix of "I'm Beaming" which will feature none other than underground king "Blu". Other emcees expected to appear on the track will be Asher Roth & The Cool Kids amongst other more pop orientated acts. It's being speculated that the artists will form a group under the name "All City Chess Club".
Personally, i would be sceptical as to the longevity of this idea as it was a couple years back now that Lupe promised us an album from "Child Rebel Soldiers", a group which would feature himself, Kanye and Pharell, yet it never saw the light of day. Collab albums are a current trend in hip-hop right now with Nas and Damien Marley set to release their joint LP "Distant Relatives" in the coming months.

A while ago i came across an amateur emcee on youtube who freestyled over the fore-mentioned Lupe track, i think its worth seeing and i wonder if "The Cool Kids" can do any better.

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