Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid Cudi Arrested

Of all of the mainstream so called 'new school' acts i've always had a bit of time for Kid Cudi. Ok so his auto-tuned singing can get a bit annoying and he makes a lot of music about the same tiring subjects of parties and girls. But no one can deny the man puts passion in his music, his debut album featured narration from Common and the mixtape that put him on the map was brilliantly crafted. So news of his recent arrest somewhat surprised me.
The story goes that Cudi was arrested by police last week in New York after harrasing a young woman, breaking the door of her apartment and destroying her phone. He was also found to be in possesion of a controlled substance. No doubt some people will view this as adding to his 'street cred', but really he sounds like a tosser to me. Last year he punched a fan in a case of mistaken identity, he later apoligised but it seems hes eager to constantly play the hard man. How about setting a good example to your young fan base instead Cudi?

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