Monday, August 2, 2010

Cut Chemist - Sound Of The Police

Cut Chemist, real name Lucas Mac Fadden, was the man behind the beats for legendary hip-hop groups such as Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli. Yet for quite some time now, the talented producer has branched out as a solo-artist. This week sees the release of an incredible project celebrating African music, Soul, Latin & Funk. It seems Cut Chemist is a master of all forms of music. The album is best described as a throwback to the days when the DJ was the reigning king of hip-hop.

The death of J Dilla coupled with the rise of Madlib has caused a recent surge in the popularity of instrumental hip-hop. Cut Chemist deserves his place alongside those greats for embracing the cultures of various forms of music while putting his own spin on things. “Sound Of The Police” breaks down into two parts. There are small vocal segments yet the album maintains a party feel. Incorporating the sounds of African rhythms is essential to the LP's make up. Horns, drums and scratches are the most prevalent sounds while Cut makes sure to constantly renew energy with plenty of surprises. In a very fitting release for the album Cut Chemist performed it live supporting Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke.

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