Sunday, May 9, 2010

H.E.L.P. - Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program

Imagine if your school teacher was an emcee and the subject he taught was hip-hop. Well for some lucky students, that dream is now a reality, because Asheru teaches in Washington DC. For 13 years he has taught as well as produced incredible hip-hop music. And after feeling aggrieved with the education system failing to connect with the youth, he has created H.E.L.P. standing for "Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program".

His idea was simple, to engage students with books filled with their favourite hip-hop lyrics and therefore they will get the oppurtunity to learn important tools like literacy analysis. Asheru is sure to pick songs and artists of the highest calibre such as Nas and Common. While the books themselves have been endorsed by Krs-One (pictured above with Asheru) and Dr. Cornel West of Princeton University. NBC recently picked up the story:

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Aside from making a real difference to the youth, Asheru's music is critically acclaimed by fans of underground hip-hop. He wrote and performed the theme song for the popular 'Boondocks' cartoon. While many proclaim his debut LP "Soon Come" to be a classic album. Recently Asheru released a stand alone single which featured an emcee from South Africa as part of his project to unify hip-hop globally. Here you can listen to Asheru (verse 3) on his brand new single 'Love On The Go':

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