Friday, May 14, 2010

Interview With Pack FM

Pack FM's debut album “whutduzFMstand4?” won UGHH album of the year in 2006. Four years later, May 2010 see's the release of the Brooklyn native's second solo-lp. As one of the underground's most crtically acclaimed artists it's great to see him take some time out for hip-hop 4 the people.

Questions i asked Pack FM:

1 After a long wait for your second album, what should fans expect?

2 Are you hoping to gain success on a mainstream level or looking to appeal to a more underground following?

3 How do you explain the difference to people between emcees and rappers?

4 Which other forms of music do you draw influence from when creating new material?

5 If you could work with any artist past or present who would it be?

6 What are your earliest memories of hip hop?

7 What is your favourite song you've recorded?

8 If you weren’t an emcee which career would you choose?

9 And finally have you any plans to tour outside the U.S.?

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