Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Back......... Fancy A Sprite?

Much apologies if you've missed my posts lately, I've been overly busy. I'm back now so rest assured you'll be getting the best hip-hop news and music;

"First name greatest! last name ever!" you sick and tired of hearing that?? so am i. But since Drake became a marketers wet dream, we better get used to it. Your going to see his face every time you switch on your television. I know his fans will say I'm "hating", your damn right I'm hating, i don't see much to like. Hip-hop and selling you things is the ultimate marriage of contradiction. Hip-hop by it's very nature is a non-commercial entity.

Drake is a talentless actor, raps simplistic garbage but looks the part. And by that i mean the man looks like something a ten year old girl would be into. His biggest claim to fame is being Lil Wayne's right hand man and 'shutting down the mall' without an album out. Perfect example of the pure hype that is Drake. The true reason to care about this, is that through media promotion he will become the face of modern day hip-hop, sad really. Over the last couple of months The Roots, Nas and others have released gems yet it will be Drake who the 'fans' will talk about.It's bad enough mainstream music is strategically marketed thus altering its creative elements. Now artists are directly asking you to buy products irrelevant to music. I can't imagine Drake spends to much of his own time drinking sprite either. According to his mixtapes hes a champagne man. Ideally i would urge you to stop drinking sprite.

I also think we should track down the name of the man behind the Sprite advertising board. Then we should give him a copy of Distant Relatives while informing him that sprite is far to sugary to be considered a viable beverage option. If you value your teeth and eardrums, join the anti-sprite hip-hop 4 the people protest.

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