Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slum Village - Villa Manifesto

This week sees the release of “Villa Manifesto” rumoured to be the last Slum Village LP. The 13 track album features unreleased Dilla verses aswell as production from the man himself. Another exciting element is guests like Little Brother and De La Soul which make for a true hip-hop event. The focus is on lyriscm, yet the music never gets too preachy. The group is heavily influenced by the Detroit strip club scene which is evident within the lyrical content.

Wheter your a collecter of underground hip-hop or new to the music “Villa Manifesto” will be one of the years more interesting prospects, even if its just for the standard of personal alone. The new single is a raw slice of hip-hop featuring Illa J, the brother of J Dilla. Illa J's debut album in 2008 is considered a classic and “Reunion Part 2” is his first outing since his break through material released two years ago. Fans of Slum Village include Common and The Roots.

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